Welcome to ‘Murder Inn’ at Pasadena Little Theatre

24 Oct

Your travel agent probably booked you into Barnsley Inn, but when the truth is told, the accurate name is Murder Inn, because of the legend of Marco and the flying knives. The group in the play didn’t actually CHOOSE to stay at Murder Inn, but their tour bus was diverted by floods and mud slides, which closed all roads in

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Pasadena Remembers Mal Morley

20 May

Unique ‘Monique’ a tantalizing mystery at Pasadena Little Theatre

13 May

In one of the most attractive and interesting sets I’ve seen in community theater lately, we are introduced to Fernand and Lucienne Ravinel, a sophisticated married couple in rural France. It’s obvious immediately, neither is a ‘happy camper’, with Fernand (Manny R. Longoria) wanting a divorce and Lucienne (Renea Runnels) refusing. Playwrights Dorothy and Michael Blankfort gave Director Greg Brown

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